Radio KJPR is an internet base station that plays a variety of Genre’s of music. We currently broadcast to a shoutcast server, Tunein and do live camera shows from the studio on multiple sites for you to watch and enjoy. Radio KJPR also has an interactive website with a request section to request songs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. A little history of how Radio KJPR came about is I had the oppertunity along with my friend to be on a live commercial terrestrial radio station in our home town 100.5 which played spanish music during the day and at night they started having 2 ladies come in and play oldies and english music well I started calling in and eventually got to be friends with the DJ’s and they invited my friend and I down and from then on I have been wanting to do my own radio station. Radio KJPR has the potential to go live on FM as I have the Transmitter but need a powerful antenna to get the signal out, that should be coming in the days ahead.

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